Common Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for various wound care procedures. As someone with a background in medical, health, and healthcare topics, you might find this information relevant to your interests:

Wound Care ProcedureCPT CodeDescription
Wound Assessment
Evaluation and Management (E/M) Visit99201 – 99499Codes for office, hospital, or other outpatient visits that include wound assessment and management.
Simple Debridement97597, 97598Removal of devitalized tissue using sharp or mechanical methods.
Selective Debridement97602 – 97610Removal of specific layers of tissue based on wound depth and type.
Wound Dressing Application
Dressing Change – Non-Selective97605, 97606Changing dressings on wounds without debridement.
Dressing Change – Selective97607, 97608Changing dressings on wounds after selective debridement.
Wound Closure and Repair
Suture Repair12001 – 12057Closure of wounds using sutures.
Staple Repair12031 – 12057Closure of wounds using staples.
Skin Graft Application15002 – 15261Application of skin grafts to treat larger wounds.
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
NPWT Dressing Application97607, 97608Application of negative pressure wound therapy dressings.
NPWT Pump Management97607, 97608Management and adjustments of negative pressure wound therapy pumps.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
HBOT Session99183Administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to promote wound healing.
Electrical Stimulation
Electrical Stimulation Application97032, 97033Application of electrical stimulation to promote wound healing.
Cellular and Tissue-Based Products
Application of Cellular-Based Product15271 – 15278Application of cellular-based products to wounds.
Application of Tissue-Based Product15271 – 15278Application of tissue-based products to wounds.

Please note that CPT codes may vary based on factors such as the complexity of the wound, the type of service provided, and the location of care. Always consult with billing and coding experts, or relevant healthcare professionals, to ensure accurate coding and billing practices.

Remember that accurate documentation and coding are crucial for proper reimbursement and healthcare recordkeeping.